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#Make it sing

Talking heads are not enough. Standard voice overs are not enough. Stock music tracks are not enough. Explainer videos with hands drawings things are no longer enough (even though clients still ask us to do them all the time). Yes, yes we sometimes do all these things, but we challenge it whenever we can. You have to create content that kicks ass. Otherwise you'll be ignored.

Shorten it, then shorten it again.

We often get briefs for 5 minute videos and deliver them in 90 seconds. It's amazing what a good script can do. And if it's animated, all the better, coz you can do anything.

It's noisy out there.

If you go through the motions, you might deliver something professional but they've probably seen it 7 billion times. So go the other way, take some risks. Give them something they'll actually enjoy.

Weave in the message.

It's not that hard. We create entertaining videos and animations all the time and yes, inside, all shiny, loud and clear... is our client's message.

Test it, and test it again.

We test our work on our team, our families, our friends. If it's not working 100%, we'll change it. There's so many factors that form a great piece of content. We keep an eye on all of them throughout the entire process.


Here's a few examples. The first two use cell animation, drawn frame by frame. The first is driven by motion graphics to tell the story, the second by an intimate interview. The third is done in After Effects and uses tweening. It's more voice-overy and infographic-like, but with a nice splash of loveliness.