The Power of Animated Storytelling

When to summon the beautiful, trippy magic of illustrators and animators.

The Power of Animated Storytelling

#​Interview-based online content is everywhere.

TVCs, corporate videos, HR clips, crowd-funding, etc. Grab a DSLR or a decent HD video camera, get a reasonable interview, shoot some cutaway, edit, stir, add some stock music and woohoo! But what if you really want to tell an emotional story? Cutaway footage is often limited. And most recreations look set up and ridiculous.

Welcome to the world of animated storytelling – where we dump the footage and replace it with the beautiful, trippy magic of illustrators and animators.

#The Interview.

You only need the audio so no need for a big crew, and no big lights shining in faces – just a good mic and a digital recorder. This helps creates intimacy, and if done well, an interview full of emotion.

This animation we created for Bravehearts is both shocking and confronting – but it's a story that needed to be told. Bravehearts is Australia’s leading child protection organisation.

#Realism + Abstract-ism.

While you listen to the authenticity of a real voice (beats the crap out of a scripted narration), you're transported through an abstract world of creativity and colour, made possible by traditional 2D cel animation. This is more time-consuming than your average explainer video. The illustrator / animator draws frame by frame, meaning they can take it anywhere their imagination can conjure. The resulting emotional journey is both powerful and memorable.

#Scored music over stock tracks.

It's so easy to whack a stock track under the edit once it's done. Sure it adds emotion, but does it sound like real content? Is it filmic? Or does it sound like just another corporate video? A scored track can be written to suit the timing and energy of the voice, where a stock track often competes with the narration.

#And finally...

Animation is not just infographic and explainer videos. It can be far more emotional. You just need a good story, some amazing illustrator / animators, and a sheet of LSD. (Disclaimer: we don't really have LSD)

Sheldon Lieberman

Sheldon Lieberman

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