Video Production

We’ve got full time writers, designers, producers, animators, sound designers and Jim – our all-in-one interviewer, camera operator and editor. When you watch our videos, you’ll notice that they’re super slick, on brand and full of emotion. This is a result of our fierce desire to tell a client’s story with authenticity.

#RSL Queensland

By conducting a series of indepth interviews, we were able to harness the spirit of mateship, compassion and innovation shared by RSL Queensland’s staff. This was interwoven with day-to-day footage to tell the story of their diverse, evolving organisation – one that eagerly embraces new technology to better help people from all walks of life.

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#Hyne Timber

Hear that? It’s the unmistakable voice of Robbie McGregor, aka “that SBS guy”. We figured If he could make movie classification information sound enticing, he could certainly do the same with Hyne’s beautiful engineered timber. We weren’t wrong.

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#VAE Group

In a time of uncertainty for the wider construction industry, VAE Group had weathered the storm and expanded their team and services. After interviewing dozens of VAE people, we created a team culture video to articulate their values, celebrate their growth and emphasise their commitment to delivery. 

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