The Team

We're more like a family. Or a cult. Once you're in, it's hard to leave. Some of us have left only to come back. Others will never leave (if they know what's good for them). Here's our 2017 family portrait. 

Bigfish Family

Pictured Left to Right, Top to Bottom

Jacob Clarke – Front-end web developer and musical genius

Irena Koszarycz – Copywriter and amateur statistician

Sheldon Lieberman – Founder and animation advocate

Teagan Young – Special effects unicorn

Niqui Toldi – Designer, illustrator, artist

Nicole Ferrier – Whip cracker and studio Queen

Steph Walsh – Film Producer and real life troll doll

Tim Brown – Managing Director aka Papa Bear

Alison Weir – Accountant and crystal collector

Scott de Jonge – Visionary front-end web developer

Mel Tickle – Designer and musician

Jim Henry – Director, editor, Rain Man

Scott Eather – Designer extraordinaire

David Johnson – Design expert, beard groomer

Adam Royle – Back-end developer and code master

David Byrne – Accident prone designer, photographer and musician 

Lisa Lonergan – Designer and lover of sauce

Simon Langford-Ely – Creative Director, designer, writer

Sem Han – Animator, dancer, mascot


Casey Chamberlain – Producer and sweetheart

Igor Coric – Animator (currently based in Belgrade, Serbia)

Jordan Overbye – Front-end developer and all-round nice guy