The BCU visual identity distills the brand's rich history in the Banana Coast region and its integral commitment to members. It does this through a design language reflecting the banana leaf and imagery focused around people, not products.

Elements of the BCU brand identity, including minimalist illustration, colour palette and typography

#Design System

Developed with VLMY&R The BCU brand is anchored around the banana leaf. A square with two rounded and two sharp corners. This shape provided a frame for all content, from how the tagline is connected to the logo to how characters are given personality with speech callouts. The colour palette and typography equally reflected BCU's history with the orange and teal colours paying homage, and the pinks and purples providing a modern contrast and soft, personal tone. This tone was further emphasised with the characters developed by Bigfish to provide humor and lightheartedness to serious and life-changing moments, like buying a house. The characters were designed to be modular allowing BCU to create their own variations and poses.

Please note that all artwork shown is concept-only and the figures presented do not represent actual BCU products.

The design features a large condensed font as the headline and a small serif font for body copy.

'Because you' typography direction

Four custom character illustrations in the BCU colour palette

Modular Characters

Social media, poster, and flyer designs
Cover design for a BCU brochure
Warm toned poster with an image in an arch shape
Three posters featuring custom illustrations and brand typography
Two landscape posters showcasing a photographic layout
A frame design featuring strong brand colours and illustration
Poster series showcasing illustration library and typography
App design featuring custom illustrations
Signage and tote bag for the BCU brand identity