Our third year developing the brand for Australia's leading new music festival took us to new and unexpected visual territories, finding inspiration in the breeding ground of exciting new artists from around Australia.



#Festival Brand

In 2017, Bigfish helped take BIGSOUND to new heights, working closely with the team to drive a record-breaking 40% increase in patrons. This year, the focus turned to new ideas and new experiences. We visualised a world formed from organisms, growing and thriving on fertile ground, merging and creating new and exciting hybrids much like music and industry that BIGSOUND is built upon.

#Hype Video

After using cell animation to playful effect last year, we decided to shake up the approach and experiment with a new visual method. Combining live footage with cell animation we recreated the look of the campaign with our own painted hands and hundreds of broken eggs. Used for the initial hype video the footage was further utilised for everything from social posts to artists announcements, providing a huge amount of content for the 5 month festival lead time.


Using the 2018 website framework and refreshed into the 2019 brand, the festival website continued to be an integral part of the BIGSOUND experience. From facilitating initial artist applications to helping festival goers plan their nightly schedules, the website was in use at every stage of the festival.

#Festival Merch

#Wrap Video

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Driving a record-breaking
increase in attendance