Brisbane Writers Festival

Future-proofing your brand and website may seem like a tall order. But that’s exactly what we did for Brisbane Writers Festival (BWF), an annual event that transforms South Brisbane’s State Library precinct into a bustling playground of ideas.

Brisbane Writers Festival




Each year, the Brisbane Writers Festival selects a theme that unites its events, workshops and conversations. With this in mind, our challenge was to build a brand that could sustain a constant change of visual styles and conceptual ideas. A brand ‘base’ was built using smart typographic choices and a flexible colour palette, enabling the festival to refresh each year while keeping core brand elements the same.


Original, full-colour illustration played a key role in the campaign, beautifully depicting this year’s theme of “What the world needs now…”. Evoking notions of place and escapism, the illustrations gave BWF greater cut through and enabled us to conceptualise ideas that photography and typography alone cannot.


The fact is – you want your website to last, and BWF is no different. To avoid building a new site each year, we implemented a simple and flexible design system that easily incorporates the current – and any future – festival themes. Our content management system (CMS) allows staff to efficiently update content and create new custom pages, all within one easy-to-use dashboard.

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For any website or brand, it’s important to look beyond the now and be aware of what’s to come. As creating a bespoke brand and website every year can be costly and time-consuming, our goal was to equip BWF with a robust platform that would serve the festival well into the future. Now, by putting the basic building blocks in place, we’re able to ensure BWF get longevity out of their brand and website.

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