Gruen: The Pitch

Four years running we've been invited onto Gruen’s ‘Pitch’. It's challenging, painful, nerve racking, exciting, and a huge rush of adrenalin at the end. Sort of like giving birth. We lost the first 2 and won the last 2 with clean sweeps. I guess we’re improving. All of our executions have created a stream of social media comments, shares and arguments. We used our animation skills each time to go where real footage can't.

#A Single Moment

Brief: Cancel Cancel Culture

We encourage the viewer to imagine their own worst moment. And then consider the possibility on being judged on that moment for the rest of their lives. Up against a strong execution, we still managed to win the judges votes 4-0.

#Don't Throw It Away

Brief: Don't bin it. Fix it.

This started with the song. Kids singing 'Throw it all away', before changing to 'Don't throw it all away' at the end. The storyboard was created listening to the song over and over. The bin chickens vs the sweet voices of the kids created a strange contrast between happiness and dystopia, representing our blind purchasing of new products oblivious to where they will end up.

#Shut it down

Brief: Shut down the internet.

Set at a family dinner table where there is an awkward lack of conversation, highlighted by the exaggerated sounds of clicking cutlery. We wanted to represent the disconnection that the internet and technology has created. While we observe the family silently eating, we are simultaneously transported into each member's fantasy world. Where they have replaced this disconnection with technology addiction. Heavy.

#One House Policy

Brief: Australians should only be allowed one house.

A boy starts off talking about his simple dreams – owning a house, a car, a dog. It then builds and escalates until the end where he's sounding more like a real-estate-developing, investment wanker. It questions our values, and at the same time highlights the need for simplicity.

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