Hutchinson Builders

Australia’s largest family business. Founded in 1912, “Hutchies” has grown from a small local player to one of Australia's largest privately-owned construction companies. Now over 5 years old this enduring digital platform has evolved and grown with the same scale as Hutchinson's own projects. A reflection on both the strength of the platform and the Hutchies team that pushes and maintains it.

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Some of the ways we wanted to present our work were definitely not ‘out-of-the-box’, and Bigfish delivered us a number of flexible solutions that enabled us to showcase our projects creatively, retaining their individuality through image displays, statistics, video and other features.

Harleigh Venables, Communication Manager, Hutchinson Builders

#The Hutchies Multiverse

The Hutchies Tank platform extends far beyond just a corporate website. From the Hutchies Toolkit – a key internal communication tool for all Hutchies employees around Australia – to Hutchies Training, Statim Yaga and beyond, the Hutchies Multiverse continues to grow.

#National Projects Map

Hutchies have delivered 3,750 projects to date. With a growing number on the horizon, our team created a dynamic map with the capability to reflect the company’s national offering at any given time. The map’s functionality is multipurpose — it allows clients and stakeholders to quickly understand the company’s scope of work, and provides a visualisation of Hutchies’ impact over the past 100 years.

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For a 2018 event, we produced a video showcasing Hutchies’ Brisbane-based projects. By combining flyover footage of the city skyline with a motion graphics treatment, we told a simple but significant story – that Hutchies has been building Brisbane for over a century.




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