Commerce VisionLucy


You’re going to love Lucy, a B2B order processing solution we named, branded and animated for Commerce Vision. Designed to give tech software a human face, Lucy makes artificial intelligence more approachable, empowering our client to cut through the clutter of a crowded eCommerce marketplace.


Scott Eather
Irena Koszarycz
Nicole Ferrier
James Henry IV

#Artificial intelligence meets animated goodness.

Commerce Vision has some serious smarts. The company was launching a new B2B solution that uses artificial intelligence to automate order processing like never before. Our challenge? To cut through the clutter of a crowded eCommerce marketplace, and demonstrate that the product was leaps and bounds above its peers.

Our solution was Lucy – an animated character who’s fast, efficient and reliable. Designed to give this tech solution a human face, Lucy makes AI approachable and outlines the benefits of the software simply and clearly.

Great characters have the power to bring products to life. Want to know more?

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