Queensland Music Trails

Living somewhere between a music festival and a tourism campaign we set about creating a brand that broke the mold of both.

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#2023 Campaign Brand

It's hard to understand the emotion behind a Queensland Music Trails event until you see it for yourself. The joy of getting out of town, road-tripping and experiencing music somewhere you have never been. It connects you to the people you're traveling with, the land, the community and yourself. Building off the campaign we developed in 2021, we wanted to bring the brand back to the ground and focus on people and their individual experiences – going wherever the music takes them.

Poster designed for the Trails brand
Series of posters designed for the Trails brand, including photography we art directed
Hoarding designed for the Queensland Music Trails brand.
Pages from the Trails brand identity styleguide, showcasing logo rules, typography and colour palette

#The Design System

Queensland Music Trails has a complex hierarchy. Events are in a town, which is part of a trail, which is part of the Queensland Music Trails, which is presented by QMF. We needed to ensure clarity of this hierarchy while not over-complicating the message. To do this we leaned into the idea of a travel itinerary presenting information in a listed form, numbered, lined and clear. To offset this highly structured approach, we used bold dual colour combinations and brought focus to an exaggerated Qld music trails logo that umbrellaed all designs under the QMT banner. To further add personality, each trail had its own unique illustration and sticker which could be layered more freely to help soften the structure of the design.

Series of posters designed for trail-specific posters
Example of the design system we created for Trails, with different styles for different layers of the brand.
Series of posters designed for Queensland Music Trails events.
Signature event poster design
Collection of posters designed for the Trails brand
Illustrative T-shirt design for the Trails brand
Illustrative tote bag designed for the Trails brand
Illustrative hoodie designed for the Trails brand
Illustrative pins designed for the Trails brand
Pages from the Trails website design
Journal page on the Trails mobile website
Examples of UI elements for the Trails website design
Varied social media designs