Spike & Dadda

Spike & Dadda is an award-winning web series based on the real recordings of Bigfish founder Sheldon and his son Spike. What started as a bit of fun has gone on to screen in over 20 countries and 50 film & animation festivals internationally.

Spike & Dadda



#About the Series

Spike Lieberman is a kid discovering the world, and everything is an adventure. From crab pots to flaming crocodiles, jelly trees to furry planets, Spike explores the real world and the imaginary, always with his good-natured Dadda at his side.

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Crowd Favourite

Melbourne WebFest, 2018

Best Film

Flickerfest All Shorts, 2015

Best Kids' Film

Traverse City Film Festival, 2013

Best Animation

West End Film Festival, 2013

Best Queensland Film

Heart of Gold International Film Festival, 2013

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