Suncorp Group

For a leading financial services company, a website must be able to communicate clearly with a diverse range of stakeholders. We worked with Suncorp Group to create a robust, responsive platform that makes information easy to find, access and digest for every user.

Suncorp Group



#The Strategy

Suncorp Group has a network of brands and over 9 million customers. Their communications cover a broad range of interests including investment, advocacy, corporate governance and company culture. With this in mind, our challenge was to make information easy to find, access and digest for each different stakeholder audience. We worked with Suncorp Group to develop a content strategy and website structure that achieves a simple and intuitive user experience.

#Design System

Suncorp Group has a distinct visual identity composed of strong, simple brand elements. Using these elements, we developed their brand into a flexible design system that leverages universal design principles. By translating Suncorp Group’s design language (typography, iconography, colours and imagery) into a collection of configurable components (including buttons, cards, text, statistics and media), we were able to empower the client with the building blocks they needed to create new, engaging branded content.

#The Platform

Combining the content strategy with the design system, we provided Suncorp Group with a robust web publishing platform that is responsive, performant and accessible for all users. The platform is both flexible – suiting a wide range of content requirements and configurations – and simple to use, which makes the creation of content easy and efficient. Underpinned by the design system, this content can also be created by the client themselves without compromising an intuitive or accessible user experience.

#​Brighter Futures

Brighter Futures is Suncorp Group’s employee giving program. We captured a series of launch events around Australia and NZ, conducting interviews with the Suncorp Group team and their local charity partners. These were woven into a short video that shares Suncorp Group’s initiative with the wider community and creates a well-deserved sense of pride amongst their staff.

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