UAP makes incredible things. Constructing public art projects for leading artists around the world. We worked with UAP to create an impactful digital presence that immerses the audience in the process of making these incredible things.

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We worked with UAP to match the company's vision for the future with a dynamic digital system. Part immersive project portfolio, part celebration of their creative partners, part launchpad for future initiatives, our work sets UAP up to blossom in a new era.

#Showing Projects

There is no substitute for viewing art in person; standing before a great work of art is the ultimate interactive experience. We used high quality full screen video to showcase projects in the most engaging way with minimal interface interference. We also wanted to celebrate the heart of each project - the process. We showcased not just the finished product but the makers involved, the factory, the sketches and ideas to give a holistic impression for each project.

#Brand Manifestio

To help launch the new UAP brand, we developed a manifesto video showcasing key UAP projects and artists from over their 25-year history. We created a unique soundtrack by recording the sounds of the UAP workshop and manipulating them into industrial drum samples.




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