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We’re all about taking art to the streets. So when Urban Smart Projects approached us to revamp their old website, we did more than give it a fresh lick of paint. Not only did we modernise the artist dashboard and other existing features, we overhauled the content management system, giving the client plenty of flexibility and enabling them to engage with council partners.




While you might not know Urban Smart Projects by name, you’d certainly recognise their contribution to your neighbourhood. The organisation is responsible for the delivery of painted traffic signal boxes, enhancing our city streets and giving established and emerging artists (some under 10!) a unique public canvas.

We worked with Urban Smart Projects to update their website, delivering a more intuitive structure and new functionality. Artists can find out the availability of boxes from a map, register and edit their information simply in an updated dashboard. A Gallery section lets users search or browse thousands of artworks, providing streamlined information about the work, its location, and the artist.

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