UTS Students' Association

The UTS Students’ Association gives every student support, access to services and a say. Working with the organisation, we created a website that facilitates the students’ ability to communicate with their cohort and create change.



#A Content First Approach

As the UTS Students’ Association provides a wide range of services for a diverse student audience, it was important to make relevant content easy to find, read and understand. Working closely with the team, we developed a new content and navigational structure that grouped information intuitively, making it simpler for students to access services, join collectives and learn more about the association’s history and governance. Content elements, such as links, were styled to create a better sense of hierarchy, enable students to scan pages quickly and bring the right information to the surface.

#An Accessible Platform

To support the needs of all students, we placed accessibility front-of-mind. The platform was designed for every device, with a responsive, user-friendly interface that is simple to operate on the go. Meeting an accessibility standard of WCAG 2.0 AA, the website provides an inclusive, consistent experience that works seamlessly across all modern browsers. 

#Driving Action

In addition to evolving the way information was delivered, we added action-based functionality and features to the platform. These included integrating forms, empowering students to join collectives with a single tap. We also updated the platform to incorporate analytics and other feedback tools which will enable our team to make informed improvements to the website down the track.

#Get in touch

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