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A 63% rise in Facebook page likes? That’s what a bill-busting hero named Barry managed to do for Ergon Energy Retail. When the team were after a campaign to increase followers and engagement, we designed a character determined to win the heart of every regional Queenslander.


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#Facebook Campaign 2018

Ergon Energy Retail uses Facebook as a platform to engage with the community, share new initiatives and empower customers with energy advice. The business was after a campaign to grow its audience, boost engagement and improve overall brand perception.

We asked ourselves a simple question: “Why would a customer engage with an energy company on Facebook?” Ultimately, the answer wasn't hard to come by. We created a campaign that gave Queenslanders a chance to have a "bill break", encouraging users to share energy-saving tips for the chance to have their bill paid by Ergon.

And so “Barry the Bill Buster” was born – a bumbling-yet-lovable superhero. While he wasn’t blessed with the slickest superhero moves, he was given a heart of gold. We created a competition that invited customers to like the Ergon Energy Retail Facebook page and comment with their “best bill busting tip”, driving helpful, positive conversation and creating a sense of community. To incentivise engagement, these customers then had the chance to have their quarterly bill paid by Barry.

While the campaign integrated a sense of humour, social smarts and a solid mullet, the key to its success was in keeping the underlying premise real. After all, when it comes to the occasional bill or two – everyone needs a “Barry”!


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I always thought the campaign would be successful but the actual result really exceeded my expectations. Our goal was to increase our Facebook Page Likes by 12.5%. We worked with Bigfish over 6 months [and] increased our Page Likes by 63%, which smashed all our goals. It was amazing.

Karen Wah Day, Digital Engagement Specialist, Ergon Energy Retail

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