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La Boite’s brand is every bit as surprising, delightful and dynamic as its 2019 program. It was a pleasure to transform Gangplank's new identity into a sleek, functional and friendly web experience.



'It's a thing of beauty, and everything La Boite never knew they needed. It really feels like you guys have gone above and beyond and I am so grateful for all the work. You guys really just are the best. Thank you so much for your work and professionalism.'

Sofie Ham — Marketing Manager

#A New Website for a New Era

As part of the Season 2019 launch, Bigfish was engaged to design and develop a refreshed website for La Boite Theatre Company. Working closely with Gangplank, we delivered both a beautifully-branded digital experience and user-friendly platform that enables content to be created and edited by the La Boite team.

#A Smarter Design System

Throughout the design process, collaboration was key. We transformed the Season 2019 brand into a visual system that would work in the digital space, turning essential elements (type, colour palettes, treatments and styles) into a collection of modules that could be used to create future content. In addition to creating design components, new functionality was added to show pages. This included a mobile-first calendar feature that works seamlessly across all devices.

Built on our Tank CMS, the website extends beyond the templated, “locked down” approach of the past and enables publishers to update content with ease. This flexibility was important to the La Boite team, empowering them to create pages and edit program information quickly. We could use the platform to create mini festival websites within the website on the fly, without having to go back to the design phase. The outcome is a flexible, responsive website that is both ticket sales platform and digital stage.

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