Meet The Artists

Meet the Artists celebrates Australia’s most renowned contemporary artists highlighting the 35 artists from the James C Sourris AM Collection of Artist Interviews.

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Meet The Artists

#A look into the lives of artists

This publication was produced in tandem with 'Meet the Artists', an exhibition hosted by the State Library of Queensland. The exhibition showcases the James C. Sourris AM Collection, which comprises of 35 interviews with Australia's most celebrated contemporary artists.

Through these interviews, the artists recount their creative journeys that have shaped their work. In an intimate setting, they share personal anecdotes and reflections that illuminate their artistic processes. We approached the design with a focus on the artists' voice, creating a spacious layout that emphasises their quotes. The pages featuring the artists are kept in black and white to accentuate the accompanying photography. The exhibition displays the work of eight artists from the collection, who are also prominently featured in this publication with bold typography and fold out pages that highlight some of their work. 

The transparency theme we used in the publication and the exhibition evokes the intimate setting of the artist interviews.

#​Bringing the publication into space​

To complement the publication, we developed the visual identity for the 'Meet the Artists' exhibition, bringing the design of the book into the physical space. The exhibition features the work of the eight hero artists from the publication, as well as the 35 short form interviews.