National Seniors Australia

Over 6.9 million Australians (28%) are aged 50 years and over. Bigfish recently had the opportunity to create a website for National Seniors, and – most importantly – to rethink the online experience for older Australians.

National Seniors Australia



#A New Approach

As an advocate body providing research, resources and representation to older Australians, National Seniors Australia were after an updated website with a fresh, contemporary look and feel. With accessibility front-of-mind, we refreshed National Seniors’ brand colour palette and fonts. Pairing a plain, neo-grotesk Sans and Serif and using high-contrast colours, we enhanced readability and gave text-based content a beautifully modern, editorial aesthetic.

#A Refreshed Website

National Seniors had a wealth of valuable content which needed to be made available and accessible online. Collaborating closely with the organisation, we set to work developing a better page and content structure, placing like-items in logical groups and using clear, simple language in menus. We then created a streamlined design and layout, enabling people to more easily find information and navigate the site.

Photography played a key role in design, adding warmth and personality to clean, simple layouts and navigation. Not only does its use capture the diversity of Australian seniors with regards to age and lifestyle, it celebrates the potential of one of life's most enjoyable stages... retirement!

#Completing the Set

National Seniors has two other self-contained websites – National Seniors Insurance, and National Seniors Travel. We applied the same design thinking and clear navigational structure to each, logically grouping menu items and bringing key content to the surface.

For the Travel website, we set about developing an "Expedia for over 50s", creating a balance between evocative photography, practical travel information and tailored discounts. Stunning travel imagery was also used in navigational tiles, adding visual interest and further evoking a sense of wanderlust.

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