Queensland Holocaust Museum

Queensland Holocaust Museum aims to inspire, educate and motivate visitors to stand up against intolerance, racial hatred & vilification. We approached this challenging brand in a contemporary and artistic way to introduce a weighty and important subject through a modern lens.


The project held immense significance for Bigfish, particularly for its founder Sheldon Lieberman, who hails from a Jewish family that was deeply impacted by the Holocaust. It was challenging to create a brand that felt accessible to the public, while not hiding the real horrors and heartbreak of the Holocaust.

The logo consciously avoided any symbolic elements and instead relied on typography to convey a narrative and storytelling quality through its editorial aesthetic. The wider visual identity used traditional Jewish symbols, such as the pebble, but presented them in new and aesthetic ways that weren't immediately apparent. The blending of contemporary colours with historic imagery created a harmonious contrast that emphasised the sharing of significant historical stories in a contemporary context.

Pebbles & stones are an enduring symbol of remembrance and were used as inspiration throughout the brand

Using analog and hand-made techniques to create a symbol that represents the shattering of humanity caused by the Holocaust